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How to prevent foot blisters

When running or walking long distances, fatigue and muscle tiredness might slow you down, but painful foot blisters can stop you in your tracks. Here is how you can avoid foot blisters: Have correctly fitting shoes that are worn-in and appropriate socks. Don’t wear 100% cotton socks. Keep your feet clean and dry. Have a […]


Finding the best ski boot fitter

As a podiatrist and also one of Australasia’s leading ski boot fitters,  Ned Buckley was asked to contribute to an article on about finding the best boot fitter.  You can read what Ned had to say below, or read the full article Boot fitters need to be able to wear many hats. They need […]


Can Golf Orthotics reduce pain and improve your game?

Orthotics for your golf shoes may not be something that’s crossed your mind; however considering proper foot alignment is essential to a sound golf swing, coupled with the fact you can clock around 10kms in a typical round of golf, it stands to reason that by optimising your footwear it is possible to not only […]