Podiatry for Senior Citizens


At Ned Buckley Podiatry, we want to ensure that our senior citizens’ feet are well cared for. We also offer home visits as part of our care arrangement for patients who may find it difficult to come to us.

There are three key areas we focus on when consulting our mature patients:

Prevention of falls

Keeping people active and on their feet is a big part of podiatric care for the elderly.
This involves:

1.Ensuring that any pathologies are correctly managed using evidence-based medicine.
2. Making sure that the feet are healthy and that potential problems are either prevented or treated.
3. Ensuring that the right shoes are being worn and that the person wearing them is comfortable and confident.

Skin and nail care
Nails and skin undergo changes as we grow older, it is unavoidable. They often become thicker, more brittle and more difficult to cut.

Nail care is an important aspect of podiatry for the elderly as people may lose their ability to cut their own nails, or they might have a health problem that makes them susceptible to excessive bleeding, healing problems and infections.

Other medical conditions
Underlying systemic health problems are more prevalent in the ageing population.

Some medical conditions affect the feet in a way that can present as a danger to overall health if not identified and treated early. A good example of this is diabetes. Keeping a regular check on the health of the feet can make an overall difference to those who find it difficult to reach or see their own feet.

Bulk-billed Medicare Arrangement

If you are suffering from a chronic disease or illness such as diabetes, or arthritis, you may be eligible for up to 5 free visits per year to our Podiatrist under the Medicare Program.  To qualify for this benefit, you will need to seek a referral and Chronic Disease Management Plan from your GP. For further information, visit Human Services’ Chronic Disease Management Plans webpage.