Ingrown toenail surgery

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Dr Buckley offers both the Winograd  and the Phenolisation surgery techniques to treat ingrown toenails. Large studies have shown both procedures to be equally safe and effective, with very high success rates. The ingrown toenail surgery is performed at either our West Perth practice, or at a day surgery facility. The procedure takes around 10 minutes and is normally performed under either local anaesthesia or sedation. 

Winograd procedure

The sharps nail resection technique is recommended  for patients who have excessive tissue growth in the nail sulcus, which has been caused by chronic tissue inflammation. The technique involves a small wedge of nail (A) and soft tissue being removed from the affected side of the nail (B+C), and the skin is then closed with stitches. Recovery time is approximately one week and during this time the toe must be kept dry to allow healing. 

Dr Buckley typically performs this procedure under local anaesthesia or light sedation at a day surgery centre. 

Phenolisation procedure 

The chemical nail ablation technique is recommended for more simple ingrown toenail issues where no excessive tissue growth is present. This ingrown toenail surgery involves the affected side of the nail to first be cut and removed, followed by applying a chemical called phenol to the nail matrix to prevent the regrowth of the ingrown toenail.  Recovery from this procedure takes around 2 weeks for the wound to fully heal. 

Dr Buckley typically performs this procedure under local anaesthesia in his rooms in West Perth.

Ingrown toenail surgery indications

  • Painful and recurring ingrown toenail
  • Conservative podiatry care has been ineffective

Ingrown toenail surgery aims

  • Removal of problematic nail growth
  • Reduction of pain and prevention of further infection

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