Foot Surgery

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Based in West Perth, Specialist Podiatric Surgeon Dr Buckley offers surgical treatment options for large range of foot conditions.

Dr Buckley employs a careful, modern and ‘podiatric’ approach to foot surgery in his practice in West Perth, ensuring that each patient is cared for in the most appropriate way.

The links below provide an overview of the conditions and procedures for some of the more common foot problems that may be surgically treated:

Forefoot Conditions

Mid Foot Conditions

Rear Foot Conditions


  • Trauma
  • Revisional Surgery
  • Warts
  • Skin lesions

In most instances, Dr Buckley is able to perform foot surgery as a day procedure and patients are often allowed to walk on their foot in a limited way straight after the surgery. Recovery times are dependent on the specific condition and procedure, but in many instances patients can expect to back doing moderate routine daily activities within a few weeks of surgery.

Dr Buckley likes to follow up and monitor each of his patients personally for several weeks to months after surgery to ensure optimum and satisfactory outcomes are achieved.

You do not need a referral to see Dr Buckley, however, Dr Buckley recommends that you check your level of health cover prior to consulting with him for surgery.

If you would like a consultation with Dr Buckley to discuss your foot condition and determine what surgical (and non-surgical) options are available to you, please call our West Perth clinic on 9481 8194 or book an appointment using our online booking system below. Please note: No GP referral is necessary.

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