For Podiatry Patients

There are a number of ways you may be able to claim back our fees.

  1. Private Health Fund: The majority of private health funds in Australia cover podiatry. We have a HICAPS online claiming system which allows you to receive your private health insurance rebate instantly.
  2. Veterans’ Affairs: Our podiatrists are registered to provide services for veterans, including treatment, biomechanical assessment, prescription orthotics and footwear referrals.
  3. Medicare: The Medicare Plus Program provides limited cover for patients with chronic and complex conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, etc. A referral and a Chronic Disease Management Plan from a GP is necessary for up to 5 visits per year for those patients who fulfill the criteria. For further information, visit the Department of Human Services’ Chronic Disease Management Plans webpage.
  4. Workers Compensation: If your foot-related injury or accident happened at work, workers compensation may help. Pre-approval is required for all workers compensation cases.

For Surgical Patients

Rebates for patients having foot surgery performed by Dr. Ned Buckley are available via private health insurance and vary depending upon your health fund and level of cover.

You may be eligible to receive rebates on the podiatric surgeon’s fee, hospital theatre and accommodation fee, implants used during the surgery, and the anaesthetist fee.

At the time of consultation we will provide you with a written quotation for your proposed surgery and information on how to claim.

Podiatric Surgeon Fees

Generally, you will be required to make full payment of all fees prior to your surgery when it is performed within a hospital or day surgery centre.

You will be given a printed estimate of your surgery costs at the time of consultation.  This estimate will list the item number/s and costs associated with your procedure. The codes should be provided to your private health insurance fund for claiming purposes.

We accept all bank debit cards, credit cards, cash and cheques.

Anaesthetist Fees

Your anaesthetist will send you a separate account for their services.  This account is claimable through your private health insurance fund.

If you have any queries regarding your anaesthetist’s fees, please contact them directly. Procedures performed under local anaesthesia do not attract an anaesthetist fee.

Hospital/Facility Fees

Your hospital costs consist of a bed fee and operating theatre fee.

The out-of-pocket expenses of admission to hospital will vary depending upon whether you have private health insurance and what level of cover you have. We recommend that you contact your private health insurance fund to confirm your coverage details.

Patients with private health insurance are also required to pay any gap (out-of pocket expense) prior to admission. Again, if you have any queries regarding hospital expenses, please contact the hospital directly. 

To book a consultation with Dr Ned Buckley, please contact our clinic on 9481 8194 or use our online booking system for an instant appointment.