Doctor Buckley performs surgical treatment  for a range of conditions affecting the midfoot resulting from injury, Arthritis, deformities, and neurological conditions. A range of modern midfoot surgery techniques are employed including soft tissue procedures,  ostectomy (bone shaving), osteotomy (bone alignment correction) and arthrodesis (bone fusion) depending on the condition.  The recovery from surgery of the midfoot depends on which procedure is performed. Patients can be back to activities and normal shpoes in as little as 2 week for simple procedures, however more complex operations require longer and more involved recovery process. Dr Buckley discusses the expected outcomes and recovery process in depth with every patient prior to undergoing surgery for their condition.

Indications for midfoot surgery

  • Pain in the midfoot, secondary to degenerative arthritis, biomechanical issues, or acute and chronic injury.
  • Failure of conservative care e.g. orthotics, custom footwear, braces, steroid injections, pain medications and physical therapy

Aims of midfoot surgery

  • Relieve pain associated with the condition
  • Prevent further deformity of the foot
  • Allow a return to normal shoes

To book a consultation with Dr Ned Buckley regarding midfoot surgery, please contact our clinic on 9481 8194 or use our online booking system for an instant appointment.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.